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What is “Inspiring Ideas?”

Inspiring Ideas is the name of Winnipeg Public Library’s strategic planning process. The public engagement phase of this process ran from April – July 2014. During this phase, Winnipeg Public Library asked Winnipeggers to help shape the future of Winnipeg Public Library. Many staff members were posted at community events around the city throughout the spring and summer, gathering input and sharing information. Ideas Fairs were also held at four locations across the city, and online surveys were completed by the public.

What are the goals of the Public Consultation process?

Input gathered during the public consultation process will be used to help shape the future direction of Winnipeg Public Library by helping set the development of a new five-year Strategic Plan that will include goals and actions for the Library to pursue.

What is a “Strategic Plan?”

Think of a Strategic Plan like a roadmap. It’s a document that will help Winnipeg Public Library arrive at its desired ‘destination’ by setting goals, objectives and actions on ‘how to get there’.

Why is Winnipeg Public Library preparing a Strategic Plan?

  • To provide a clear direction and action plan for the library to move forward for the next five years;
  • To improve library services for adults, teens and children by identifying service priorities that are measurable and achievable;
  • To create a shared vision for the library to ensure it remains relevant and responsive to the community;
  • To listen to the public and gain a better understanding of what they value and need from the library today;
  • To communicate and celebrate the new mission for library service with the community.

Who is Involved?

Endorsed by the City of Winnipeg, this process is led by Winnipeg Public Library management with active support from library staff.The public’s input into this process is also critical. Feedback and ideas from YOU will help shape the future of Winnipeg public Library service.The Strategic Plan is an over-arching document that will influence collections, services, and facilities at the library for the next five years.

Where can I find more information?

More information can be found in other sections of this website or at your local Winnipeg Public Library branch. Ask staff, they will be happy to help!Be sure to sign-up for our project newsletter to be kept up to date on project events and updates!

When will the final plan be finished and how will this information be shared?

The strategic plan has now been completed and can be found here.